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If you are into any sports and live in Thailand it probably won’t have escaped your notice that whey protein and other fitness and bodybuilding supplements are hard to come by and when you do find some the quality usually isn’t that great and prices are way higher than what you would pay back home.

Sports Supplements in Thailand

As far as I know the reason for the lack of products and the high prices is due to the rules for selling this sort of stuff in Thailand. Some sort of medical type permit is need as far as I can gather which makes producing and importing things like whey protein in and into Thailand quite expensive.

After looking around for a while I finally found a site that seems to have what I need with a great selection of whey protein and other bodybuilding supplements. Although they are based in Phuket they offer free delivery to anywhere in Thailand no matter how much or little you order which is great. They also take paypal which is handy for those of use without credit cards registered in Thailand.

I’ve ordered the 1kg Dymatize Whey Protein which I’ve had before from another supplier and at the Phuket Health Shop it retails for a very reasonable 1300 baht including free shipping to Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand. You can visit their website by clicking on the link below:

If you know of any other places to get sports supplements in Thailand please leave a comment below.


You all fell free to visit to The Fashion Island Department Store in Bangkok at 2nd Floor. You all will see variety of whey protein with cheaper price.

can find unflavored whey from USA on internet, website is club-protein.com, price for 1kg is 790 baht included delivery by ems

That is a very good price for Bangkok. How can I make it flavoured?

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