Roast Dinner at the Dubliner

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Bangkok Roast Dinner

Another week in Bangkok, another Sunday Lunch in Bangkok.

Its not quite that frequent but my quest to visit all the places in Bangkok that do a Sunday Lunch is starting to pick up. So far I’ve been to The Londoner, Molly Malones, the Robin Hood and now the Dubliner.

Unlike the other pubs that I’ve been to in Bangkok that do a roast dinner the Dubliner does not do an all you can eat carvery style Sunday lunch. I wasn’t aware of this when I went in there and when I found out I was a bit disappointed but sometimes less is more and if you are like me and tend to eat as much as you can rather than eat as much as you want, being limited to just one plate can be a good thing.

The price is about the same as the other pubs in Bangkok that do a Sunday Lunch costing ฿400 (about £8) and as you only get one serving isn’t as good value. The food is nice and arrives very quickly after ordering. You don’t choose what meat you want – you get it all: chicken, ham and beef. The meat comes with your own portion of gravy, roast and mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, sausages, cauliflower cheese and a Yorkshire pudding so its not a small amount of food. There is no starter or desert though. One plate is a good amount and after eating it I felt better than I do after two or three plates at the all you can eat carvery places in Bangkok. The pub is nicer than the others I have been to in Bangkok as it has lots of windows and you can see out on to Sukhumvit road. The Dubliner has three floors with a pool table on the top floor and as we were leaving an authentic (Thai) Irish band were setting up.

I’d recommend the pub and the food served at the Dubliner, Bangkok, but if you are looking for an all you can eat roast dinner you will be disappointed. Next time I go I will probably have the Irish fry up as it looked even better than the roast and cost the same at ฿400.

  • Name: The Dubliner
  • Where: 440 Sukhumvit Rd (between Sukhumvit Soi 22 & 24). 5 mins walk from Emporium
  • Nearest BTS: Prom Phong
  • Website:

Sunday Lunch at The Londoner in Bangkok

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The Londoner BangkokLike most people from the British Isles I love a good Sunday Lunch and although living in Bangkok has reduced my intake of roast dinners there are still loads of great places to get a Sunday Lunch in Bangkok.

Like back in Blighty the best place to find a good Sunday Roast in Bangkok is a pub and the best type of pub to find one is at one of the many British or Irish themed pubs found around the city. One of these pubs is the Londoner Brew Pub on Sukhumvit just at the entrance to soi 33. At the Londoner you will find the Super Sunday Family Carvery Buffet being served from 12:00–15:00 and 18:00–21:00. This is an all you can eat affair with a massive selection of foods to chose from; bigger than anywhere else doing a Sunday Lunch in Bangkok that I’ve been to so far.

Sunday Lunch BangkokThe appetisers include smoked salmon and a massive range of salads as well as a variety of soups. The main has all the trimmings you would expect including Roast Beef, Roast Chicken, Roast Lamb and Roast Pork. For dessert Dutch Apple Pie and Custard and a good selection of cakes and other puddings. Although most of these are found at other pubs in Bangkok doing a roast dinner they are all ‘help yourself’ including the dessert so you can really eat as much as you want!

The price for all this is 470 baht which is a bit more than the Sunday Lunch at Molly Malone’s but only about 70 baht.

I’m pleased to report back that the food is very nice here and is on a par with Molly Malone’s but with a bit of a better selection. The only downside is the pub itself which is a little bit too big for a Sunday lunch and can feel a bit empty whilst you are eating although if it is very empty you might be able to get a booth seat which is more cosy.

Overall the Londoner is definitely worth a visit if you like a good Sunday lunch.

Sunday Lunch in Bangkok

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Sunday Roast Bangkok

I love Thai food but can’t eat it 24/7. I probably ate Thai food for most meals when I first came out to Bangkok but after a year or so out here I eat more Western food alongside the Thai dishes. Back home I used to love cooking a Sunday roast for my friends or going down the pub for one. In Bangkok cooking a roast dinner is not really practical due to the expense and the hassle of finding all the required components.

But thankfully there are lots of places in Bangkok that offer a Sunday Lunch. Some do an all you can eat carvery and others do a standard meal.  Out of the many pubs in Bangkok that serve a Sunday Roast I’ve only been to two but both have been very good. The pubs I have been to that do a Roast Dinner are Molly Malone’s on soi Convent, just off Silom road near Sala Daeng BTS and the Londoner Brew Pub on Sukhumvit soi 33 near Phrom Pong BTS (opposite the Emporium mall).

Both pubs serve the main Sunday Roast staples which include:

  • Meats: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb & Ham
  • Potatoes: Roast & Mashed
  • Veg: assorted veg including carrots, peas and cauliflower
  • Cauliflower Cheese
  • Yorkshire Puddings
  • A full range of Sauces and Gravy
  • Dessert
  • Soup & Bread

As well as all this The Londoner also does a big range of  salad, fish and cheese and crackers for afters.

Although The Londoner does have a bigger selection including lots of dessert options my award of the best Roast Dinner in Bangkok goes to Molly Malone’s in Silom.  There meat is nicer and for me that is the corner stone of a good Sunday Lunch:  nice meat!

Although both pubs are mock Irish/Ye Olde English pubs the atmosphere in Molly’s is a bit better although if you can get a booth in The Londoner it is probaby more comfortable.

There is not much to separate these two Bangkok Sunday Lunches and they both cost between 400 and 500 baht so I recommend you try them both out and decide for yourself.

If you know of any other good pubs in Bangkok that do a Sunday Lunch please leave a comment and I will check them out!