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Ko Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Police ‘Beat Up Tourists,’ says Phuket Expat

I read a story on another Thailand blog from an expat who says he witnessed a brutal police bashing on the party island of Koh Phi Phi. He is keen to get in touch with the people who got bashed as they were taken away by the police never to be seen or heard from again.

You can read the report here and its coverage on a Phuket website here.

Phi Phi does have a pretty lively party scene with lots of annoying farangs working as bar touts (especially that guy who stands on the corner asking you if you know where you are going). I wish the police would check their work permits rather than bashing people.

Did you hear anything about this incident? Even been on the end of some rough justice Thai-style?


hilarious title

What a wonderful beach!!!!
Have a good day!

While I have not personally been on the end of this style of justice, I have witnessed a few beatings. Some of them were rowdy tourists at Khao San, and, on another occasion, I saw an accused Thai thief get beat while some other Thais were performing a citizen’s arrest on him. Many foreigners living in Thailand have a lot of stories to tell about this sort of thing. A good friend of mine claims to have been beaten up by cops outside a bar because he was caught urinating in an alley. There’s also a show, “Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand”, that shows farang tourist police beating up on tourists in one episode. Pretty crazy stuff. Anyone who is the target of an extrajudicial beating like this should really report the incident to a higher authority or think about hiring a Thailand lawyer.

I have actually planned to visit Phuket in mid May next year and my family would really love to visit Phi Phi and the Maya Bay.

Beating can’t solve anything but cause another problem. But I kinda understand the police officer’s feeling. I mean it is stressful to deal with people who are drunk…

While the island of Phi Phi is a paradise, the people on it are pretty annoying, I remember walking home and almost getting phid on by drunk ravers. I would applaud police for beating these idiots.

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