Matte Cars in Bangkok

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Matte Cars in Bangkok

If you’ve spent much time on the roads off Bangkok you’ve probably seen a few cars with matte black paint jobs. Although the longer you spend out on the streets you will find a whole array of colours in a matte finish. Most of the cars that have had this treatment are the high end cars such as Porsches, Lamborghinis and Audis. But it’s not uncommon to see the odd Toyota Vios or Camry that has had its colour changed to a matte finish.

Although traditionally, to acquire this finish you would have to repaint the car now you can get it done with stickers or a matte wrap which is professionally put onto your car. The main benefits of this is that it is cheaper than a new paint job and is easier to reverse with the wrap being peeled off.

I do like the look but it looks better on some cars. I saw a Mini Copper today in blue which didn’t look so great. I think black is the best but white can look nice and depending on the car other colours can be pulled off. The fact that it can be undone makes it more tempting as when you get bored with your matte car you can go back to the glossy finish.

If you want to get it done there are a few places in Bangkok that do it. One of them is guys at Wrap@Car. Let us know if you’ve had it done or you’ve seen any interesting colour schemes around Bangkok and Thailand.

Matte Black Lambo


Saw a matte Benz the other day, looked shitty. A BMW on the other hand was pure beauty. Really depends on the model it seems – and dark matte doesn’t look dirty so easily!

Do you know wheather the crazy taxi pink color is wrapped stickers to? Hmm at home it is common to wrap the taxis to sell them after a short period of time without wear and tear on the finish. But in Bangkok i have seen some taxis where people tried to “repair” the pink finish with a spray can…

I saw the pink one the other day. It was not very much beautiful at all. I prefer normal shiny ones instead of matte. But they are interesting to see. I like the ideas they have like this.

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