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If you enjoy keeping fit but your condo doesn’t have a very good gym and you don’t fancy risking your money with a gym that is likely to go bust (like California Wow) then one good option is to workout at home. Contrary to popular belief you can get a pretty good workout in at home that can work towards getting you fit, losing weight and putting on a bit of muscle.

If you are already a seasoned gym goer with high levels of fitness or strength then working out at home might not be the best solution to your needs. However if you are just starting out or want to reach or maintain an average level of fitness and muscle tone then it is a great option that shouldn’t be overlooked.

What Equipment do I need to Shape up at Home?

Get in shape in ThailandThis is the best part really. Despite all the gym equipment you will see on sale in the Sports World shops in Central malls around Bangkok and the rest of Thailand you really don’t need to splash out on all that fancy gear. You can in fact get away with very little equipment which should suit those on a limited budget or people who simply don’t want to clutter up their Bangkok city apartment with large amounts of fitness equipment.

Personally I make do with a very modest amount of equipment. Just a jump rope and a set of kettlebells is enough for me to keep my fitness levels high, my fat levels low and my muscular development reasonably impressive. I’m no hulk my any means but I look toned when lounging around the pool and when visiting the beach.

Where to Shop for Kettlebells in Thailand?

Picking up a jump rope of skipping rope is pretty easy. You can find them in most Central Malls in the sports section and they cost about 200 baht. Much better value than a 50,000 baht running machine I’m sure you will agree. But what about kettlebells? These can be harder to track down. Some Central malls have a good selection of free weights such as barbells and dumbbells but these are often less versatile than kettlebells and take up a lot more space.

Where I did manage to pick up some kettlebells from was Phuket Health Store. Despite living in Bangkok they offer very reasonable rates of delivery so I wasn’t penalised for living so far from the store. They have a pretty good range of weights so you should be able to find something to help get you started and with kettlebell prices starting from 1,200 baht they cost a lot less than one month’s gym membership!

The best thing about kettlebell training is that the number of exercises you can do with just one weight is massive. You can workout all areas of your body including your biceps, chest and abs but you can also increase your fitness and burn off fat with them.

So if the Thai life is starting to take its toll on your fitness levels and waist line it might be time to start working out at home.



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