How to Make Money Online in Thailand

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If you have dreams of moving to Thailand before you retire or perhaps you are already living in the Land of Smiles and are sick of your day job or want to earn a bit of extra cash on the side then you might find this post useful.

Due to the tough emplotment regulations that apply to foerigners wanting to work in Thailand Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL or TESL) is about the only option that is open to everybody (as long as you have a degree). Sure you can get great jobs out here like bar manager, chef, accountant or engineer but unlike your home country these jobs are not often openly advertised and finding them involves a lot of networking or getting a transfer from the company you work for back home. Anyway, I’m sure you are aware of the tight restrictions that apply to us here in Thailand and perhaps that is why you managed to find this post on how to make money online in Thailand.

From my personal experience the best way to make money online anywhere in the world, not just Thailand is internet marketing or affiliate marketing as it is sometimes known. Basically you make a website, people visit it and depdning on the site they either click on adverts or click on a link to a retailer like amazon and then whatever they buy you get a percentage of.

There are many great reasons why this approach to making money online is perfect for those wanting to live in Thailand full time and here are just some of them:

  • Easy to get started
  • Very small start up costs
  • Get paid in your local currency into your home bank account
  • Can become a passive form of income
  • Can be done from anywhere at any time
  • No need to deal with customers
  • Be your own boss

Now there is one slight downside to this approach to earning some money in Thailand and that is you won’t get a work permit to do it and this means you cannot officially do it while in Thailand. The good news is that no one need know and it is very hard, almost impossible for anyone to find out. The websites you will be making will be targeting either the United States or a country in Europe and you will get paid into a bank account from your home country. Unless you tell someone know one will know you are doing it!

So how do you get started in internet marketing in Thailand? Well there are many ways and if you do a google search on “make money online” you will find 1,000s of blogs and website claiming to teach you how to get rich overnight.

Well I’m sorry to tell you that it just isn’t that easy. It might’ve been in quite simple to earn money at the touch of a button in 2000 but now there is more competition and tighter rules which you have to follow to get your site up and running.

But it can be done!

If you are prepared to put in the time and effort and approach this like you would a proper job then the rewards can be great. If you worked at this 9-5 like you would a regular job, at least in the start, then you could be earning real money within six months. Once things are up and running you can take your foot off the pedal a bit. Many people are probably leaving right now as they were expecting to get rich overnight but that is good because it redues the amount of copetition you will be up against.

Now I hate to be one of those guys that is claiming to  sell you a dream or a scheme of how to make money online but if you are really serious about this and are willing to put in 60 mintues per day every day for the forseeable future then you can succeed in this game.

If you are willing to work your proverbial off for a solid hour a day, each and every day then you can make money online in Thailand or anywhere else.

But that is a solid hour of work. Not 10 minutes writing then 5 minutes on Facebook, then a bit of your favourtie sports website then 20 more minutes of writing.

No you will have to write solidly for 60 minutes.

Can you do that?

If so and you are prepared to hand over about $20 for a solid course that, provided you put in the work can get you earning $100 a day on average after a few hard months of work then congratulations.

The course is called 60 Minutes to $100 Days and can be found on this website.

The course is pretty much 100% video so you don’t even have to read anything!

If you have any questions about this topic feel free to leave a comment or get in touch via twitter.


Good article about “Working From Home” and IM.

Anyone can do this if they are willing to use a few hours to learn the game ;-)

Please caution the author’s disclaimer:

“Now there is one slight downside to this approach to earning some money in Thailand and that is you won’t get a work permit to do it and this means you cannot officially do it while in Thailand.”

In any event, full awareness of the legal aspects of both Thai Employment & Immigrational Law will reveal that getting legally employed in Thailand is not as difficult as it appears to be. So I have to refute the author’s comment that the employment regulations in Thailand are tough.

For a general feel of these subjects, please visit the BANGKOK LEGAL BLOG (BLB) at .

I know tonnes of people living online in Thailand, it’s not easy but it can definately be done.

Yes, I think most people can do this. Or perhaps some people. Definitely not anyone though.

I’m not living in Thailand (yet) but I just got into this. I made my first site a couple of weeks ago and have learned a lot just by playing around with it. The good thing about actually doing it, rather than just reading about it, is that it gives you more ideas for other sites so you don’t just have limit yourself to one niche.

Thanks for stopping by. I agree, getting started is the best way to begin. You can spend way too much time reading instead of getting stuck in. Trial and error is important. Your site doesn’t seem to be loading for me?

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